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Kanye West + Joel Osteen To Church Together, The Internet Ain't Havin It.

Kanye West will appear in church with Joel Osteen this Sunday as the two team up for an interview and much of the internet is not having it.

Osteen's Houston church, Lakewood, is ground zero for a Sunday service meeting. According to Osteen's church website, the megastar founder will interview Kanye during his 11am service this week.

While Kanye's focus on God has been somewhat recent (putting out his Christian album 'Jesus Is King' and holding his "Sunday Service" gatherings), it's probably a natural fit for him to appear with Osteen. Both have millions of fans, revel in the spotlight, and are both selling products with a religious theme.

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Both Osteen and Kanye have been accused of having a love affair with money. Kanye, just days ago, was so obsessed with being called a billionaire that he joked he would change his name to ‘Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West’.

And Osteen's own website says their church has prosperity as one it's main goals:

"We believe that living life according to God's Word is the way to an abundant, fulfilling life."

God's message of blessing the poor was in serious question during the Houston hurricane when Osteen refused to open his church to the helpless, until public pressure forced the church to open it's doors and help the suffering community.

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The news of their team-up has fired up the internet with people who see it as two guys forming a "money grabbing Avengers" team.

Before we pile on too much, remember... we should not judge a person. That's for God. But we can judge their actions imho.

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