Petition: Switch Thanksgiving and Christmas

Jim from the Woody and Jim Show wants to switch the two holidays. He's tried to get everybody to "stop with Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving". But he's given up.

Jim has started a petition at to swap the holidays. The petition says:

There are two reasons to switch Thanksgiving and Christmas.
1. People already like celebrating Christmas after Halloween. They decorate, shop, put up their trees, etc. This is nearly 2 months before December 25th, and overshadows Thanksgiving.
2. In the rush to start everything Christmas, the Thanksgiving holiday gets short-changed. At the time when we should be celebrating the gratefulness we have for what we have in America, we are actually focused on the next holiday that happens almost a month later.  
To be honest, Thanksgiving for many, is simply a day off spent planning Christmas shopping and then hitting the stores. While we should be celebrating how thankful we are for what we have, we are actually buying all the things we don't have. Employees at retail stores end up working on the Thanksgiving holiday instead of being with their families.
If we switch the holidays, people who can't wait for Christmas get to indulge themselves. Thanksgiving can be celebrated properly, with people staying with their families... after the Christmas craziness is over.
Let's let Thanksgiving and Christmas have their own time.

He needs just 5 signatures for this petition to go live to everyone on If you'd like to respect each holiday and switch them around, sign the petition here.