Dad Posts Daughter's Outrageous Christmas List; Goes Viral

One father of a 10-year-old with big dreams for this Christmas has shared her wish list with the world (full IG post below). He thought it was so funny that she thought they were rich enough to afford these things:

That's right. She wants these things: (note... her spellings, not mine)

iPhone 11

air pods

New mac book air

A real Bunny

Hiydro flask



pink pumas

Guci slided

Chanel purs


asenchal oil

American girl doll car

New shoes

earings/ julery

chekered vans

Go pro

pink Duck tap

glues food coloring and landry diturgent

clothes for bunny

4,000 dollars

lol doll camper

lol dolls/ Bigsister

lol doll Shalay

New shets amd cover

alarm clock”

Well, if Dad can't cover this list, the rest is up to Santa.