Woman Loses Trip To Nashville On Technicality, Nashville Invites Her Anyway

Kristen Schaal missed out on a trip to Nashville because of a tiny mistake on Wheel of Fortune. By saying one extra word, she missed out on the trip worth almost $8000. But the city of Nashville kicked in a free trip so she could have a second chance to see music city.

As you'll see in the following clip, she is only supposed to say the words on the board. But she mistakenly said the word "and.

Her misstep went viral and she was flooded by sympathetic messages from viewers. It also caught the attention of L.J. Whalen, who is one of the directors of Adventureworks (a local attraction). Whalen went to local businesses and put together a trip for her to come to Music City. She'll get plane tickets, hotel, and tickets to all kinds of things that make Nashville great. A press release quoted Whalen:

“Our hospitality community is so close-knit, and we’d love to show Ms. Shaw and the nation that we’re a lot more than boot stomping and beer drinking. This is what we do here in Nashville. We give second chances, AND we are not going to make you solve a puzzle to claim it.”

Shaw told The Tennessean:

"I was honestly so shocked I was almost speechless. There is a lot of negativity in this world, but this shows me we are all human, we make mistakes, and for someone to want to give me a second chance, it just blew me away.”