CBS All Access Show 'Tell Me A Story' Set In Nashville For Season 2

Nashville is once again the setting for another TV series. But unlike the TV show Nashville, this is a one off. The streaming series 'Tell Me a Story' is taking it's 2nd season to Music City. Much like American Horror Story, each season stands alone. The show, which streams on CBS all access, has been filming here and will debut in a couple of weeks on the pay-as-you-go service.

It's most most recognizable star is actor Paul Wesley from the 'Vampire Diaries'. The storyline features his character as a struggling writer. According to the shows creator, the series steers clear of many of the Nashville clichéd archetypes.

But then again, the teaser trailer features a young starlet trying to make it in the music industry. So take that cliché avoiding spin for what it's worth. The show has been filming for a while but the actors have gotten a little taste of what it's like in in middle Tennessee. Many of the stars are giving the standard on-location answers to the Tennessean about being here in fly-over country.

"The people are so nice."

"Found some nice restaurants."

One of the other stars is Carrie-Ann Moss, best known for her work in the Matrix franchise. In fact she's working on the fourth movie in the Matrix universe right now. Speaking to the Tennessean, she said "I really didn't have my radar on this. Having lived the last half of my life in Hollywood, it's cool to be here and see this whole different culture." Like a text, we didn't hear how she said it. Perhaps I'm paranoid about our image from someone who's lived in Hollywood, but I wonder what she means by "whole different culture."

Season 2 of Tell Me A Story starts December 5th on CBS All Access, with each episode released weekly. So no binging until all the episodes have aired.