Corey Perry Will Have Hearing After Dirty Hit To Nashville's Ryan Ellis.

Corey Perry will have a hearing this Friday over what happened on New Year's Day.

The Nashville Predators debut in the NHL Winter Classic was marred not only by the final score, but by serious injury. Just minutes into the game, infamous dirty player Corey Perry, skated by Ryan Ellis and threw his elbow into Ellis's head. The result was Perry's injection from the game and Ryan Ellis was out for the rest of the Premier showcase game and maybe longer with what looks like a concussion.

"I've played with Ryan before. I know him personally. It's very unintentional. I didn't mean to hurt him. I hope he's OK," said Perry after the game.

"Yeah, that was a bad hit. The kind of hit that you're trying to get out of the game. He's shooting the puck, and he gets him right in the head. I thought it was a really bad hit." -Roman Josi

My favorite twitter reaction is one I can't embed because it's laced with profanity, but it ends with hoping Corey Perry steps on the tiniest legos with bare feet for the rest of his life.