Vet Pulls Giant, Pulsating Bug From Kittens Nose

Can you imagine the relief after a veterinarian pulled a parasite out of a poor little kitten's nose.

A North Carolina vet used forceps to pull a huge, pulsating parasite out of the nostril of an eight week old kitten. The kitten is so small, and that bug is so big! The person taking the video told Newsflare: 'When the eight-week-old kitten presented to the clinic, it had a chronic history of sneezing and oculonasal discharge and had a grossly distended right nostrum.

'I decided to sedate the kitten and I would have never guessed there would be a gigantic botfly in there! Usually they are only roughly a centimeter or so in length and found burrowed into the skin - this was the largest one I have ever seen ... and it was in the nose!The kitten is now doing great.