Doctors Issue Disturbing Warning About Using Toothpaste As Lube

Happy Monday Morning, please don't put toothpaste on or around your No-No-Zone.

Doctors are literally issuing warnings after a dude on Reddit shared his harrowing tale of using toothpaste as lube in a, shall we say, self-love session. Then a few other people started elaborating on their own experiences, which typically ended with chemical burns and a whole lot of ouch.

Despite what you may have read about how toothpaste can enhance sensation, it's really more likely to make your skin fall off.

"The ingredients for toothpaste include abrasives, bleaching agents and peppermint oil, which can all irritate the skin and cause redness and peeling," general physician Dr. Gina Hall told The Sun. "So if you apply toothpaste to areas of skin including those around your genitals, then it will in all probability cause chemical burns and the stinging pain from these burns can last for several days."

So, moral of the story, allocate a few bucks in your budget to get some actual lube. Your genitals will thank you for it.