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The Nashville Airport Is Ranked Worst In America For One Thing.

Comedians used to make fun of airline food. But now they don't serve any food while flying. So we have to eat before we get on the plane. And unfortunately BNA (Nashville International Airport) has been ranked the worst airport in America for its food.

Wanderu (a travel platform) ranked the 50 busiest airports on the food they offer. Nashville International Airport came in


There are 16 available places to eat at BNA (way too few BTW). Not one of them has better than 3 stars from sites like Yelp!. Every single airport did better. Here's what one person said on Yelp! about Tootsie's airport location:

“Probably the most vile food I have ever been served. Nothing like a lukewarm cup of coffee and a wet cold tasteless biscuit sandwich to get you going. Even for airport food, this was a joke.” 2.5 stars

Also at the bottom were the food offerings at New Orleans and Florida Central. These are smaller airports. But because Nashville's airport has MORE options with bad ratings, that sinks it to the bottom.

Airports that did well were Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Atlanta.

The best

1. Denver International
2. Dallas Fort-Worth International
3. Hatfield-Jackson Atlanta International
4. Phoenix Sky Harbor International
5. Logan International

The worst

50. Nashville International
49. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International
48. Southwest Florida International
47. Kansas City International
46. LaGuardia

We may not have good food. But we do have the best frickin carpet ever.

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