Washington State Traffic Cam Shows Bigfoot? Compelling.

Sasquatch Crossing

Sasquatch Crossing

Bigfoot sighting? The Abominable? Sasquatch? This twitter post from the Washington State Department of Transportation has us all wondering if we've caught a bigfoot on a traffic cam.

The agency tweeted:

“Sasquatch spotted!!! I’m not superstitious… just a little stitious. Have you noticed something strange on our Sherman Pass/SR 20 webcam before? If you look closely by the tree on the left there looks to be something… might be Sasquatch… We will leave that up to you!”

Mythical beast? Or guy with a Chewbacca costume? Hmmm.

The furry creature that roams the forest alone has been legend forever. Movies and tv shows have searched and laid out the evidence that he exists. Most of the "sightings" seem to have occured in the pacific northwest, so this seems to fit the geolocation.

A couple bigfoot questions:

If there is a bigfoot, there must be Mrs. bigfoots. Or how else would we see them for decades?

And if there are bigfoots, why haven't we found any dead ones?

But before you dismiss the first post, look at this report from another state traffic agency in the same part of the country.