Factory Workers Strippin Bones From Chicken With Their MOUTHS

Workers in a Thailand chicken processing plant were caught stripping the meat off chicken feet with their pie holes. It was revealed that they're encouraged to do it! What they're actually doing is getting the bones out of the chicken feet so they can sell them to the Thai people. Factory managers says using their mouths to get the job done is 5X faster then using machines or utensils.

Apparently they just love chicken feet. This factory alone sells 1,100 lbs of chicken a day! The video shows workers sitting down to giant tubs of chicken feet. Workers go to town 'em to take out the bones using their mouths. One worker, using a utensil, seems to take much longer to do it.

The video was taken by hygiene officials in the government who told the owner of the factory... nore chicken lickin! They must use utensils from now on.