Fans Rejoice. 'The Joker Live Tour' Is Coming.

Yes. There is a live tour for one of the most disturbing movies of 2019. How? What? Why?

Hildur Guðnadóttir, the award winning composer of the soundtrack to the unnerving movie featuring a masterful performance from Joaquin Phoenix, is taking the haunting music to symphonies around the world. So those of you that would like to sit quietly in your homemade Joker makeup at a symphony hall, this is your lucky day.

Seizing the momentum of Joker (that earned 11 Oscar nominations) and the soundtrack (which just won BAFTRA's best score and Golden Globe) the Joker Live tour. The composer will bring her full orchestra tour to London on April 30th to kick things off. It will then tour the UK and Europe with international dates (maybe the USA?) to be announced later.

Word is, the symphony will not be performing Joker's stair dance to Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll Part II.

But here is an example of what you'll hear. Hopefully it comes to the Schermerhorn.