New TV Show Set in East Nashville. Called "East Nasty"

A new tv series is set to begin filming and is set in East Nashville. But they're not calling it East Nashville. They're using a nickname for the area that locals have been using for decades. It'll be called "East Nasty" and it's coming to the Disney-owned cable channel Freeform. We're guessing by the name, the show will be a bit grittier than 'Nashville' that was on ABC (and then CMT) from 2012-2018.

The term "east Nasty" was not a positive adjective. But we know things have gentrified on the east side of the Cumberland where we now have free range baristas and some pretentious restaurants.

But who knows? It may be using the hipper, gentrified East Nashville as it's backdrop. The show's press release said:

"The show follows two best friends — one a black, queer singer-songwriter, and one a seemingly tailor-made country musician from a deeply religious family— struggling alongside other musical misfits for a place at the table. Though they don’t fit the face or sound of conservative country music, they will fight to lend their unique voices to a genre steeped in tradition and history."

The show's writer and executive producer, Jamie Rosengard, comes from 'Empire'. Other producers listed for "East Nasty" are Karen Gist (Mixed-ish), filmmaker Ginger Sledge, and music biz vet Paula Kay Hornick.

No word yet on who will star in the country music drama. No release date has been revealed, or how much will actually be filmed in the land of the man-bun.