Most Serial Killers Share The Same Zodiac Sign

Do not cross

Do not cross

Research has found that the majority of serial killers share the same zodiac sign. Britain's The Mirror studied all the famous serial killers and then matched them up with their astrological sign.

First, I must be fully transparent. I never used to be obsessed with true crime and serial killers until the last few years. Listening to podcasts like Serial and Criminal led me to watch docs like Making a Murderer. Then it was Mindhunter. Right now, it's HBO's The Outsider. I don't know why I need this stuff. Perhaps it's my need to understand.

So back to the zodiac signs.Taurus was the sign shared by the majority of serial killers. The traits associated with Taurus are: hard working, patient, and loyal.

All of the things would be great if you're a nice person. But if you're evil, these things would make you a successful bad guy.

Here's some examples of evil people born between April 20th and May 10th You know, Tauruses. Or is Tauri?):

H.H. Holmes, America’s first modern serial killer; Michael Ryan, responsible for the Hungerford Massacre; David Copeland, the London Nail Bomber; Canadian child-killer Karla Homolka; cannibal Albert Fish, the “Werewolf of Wysteria”; Levi Bellfield, the British child-killer and rapist; Orville Lynn Majors; Robert Black, the Scottish serial killer and pedophile; Brit Steve Wright, and Martha Beck. (NY POST)

So which one of your coworkers is a Taurus? Who in your family? Your roommate? Don't walk alone with them. You've been warned.