Nashville PD Shuts Down Drug House in Hermitage. Worst They've Ever Seen.

A house near the famous home of Andrew Jackson, The Hermitage, was raided by Metro Nashville cops. They it the "worst case they've seen". Neighbors are relieved after the raid that yielded drugs, guns, and plenty arrests. They also found an infant in the home!

Police say a hand reached out a window and was dropping a gun out a window while they were waiting to raid the house. They also said someone was injecting themselves with drugs in the driveway when they arrived.

Once inside, they found a baby in the "worst bedroom as far as cleanliness." The child has been checked out medically and given to a grandparent of one of the arrested. An officer described the inside of the home: "The odor, the scenes, there’s food all over the place, there's fruit flies all around..there’s at least one bucket with human waste it in. it’s terrible."

The house in the 300 block of Monaco Drive is just off Lebanon Road, very close to 2 metro schools and a stone's throw from the Andrew Jackson property.

This neighbor talked about how horrible it was to have children get to school because of the drug den.

Police say 26 adults, an infant, and animals were all sharing the tiny home. They have been called to the house 109 times in the last seven years. One of those visits was for a murder last summer. This is only the 4th time a home has ever been padlocked for being a public nuisance.

Police arrested the owner, Paul F. Newsome, who had been warned about the home. He was also wanted on a separate federal charge. One neighbor hugged Metro cops saying,

“We can finally, officially feel safe in our home now."