Jenna Fischer Reveals What Was in the Note Jim Gave Pam on 'The Office'

Jim & Pam are one of the most beloved TV-couples of all time.

They had a zillion cute moments together that we could wax poetic about, but right now we need to talk about the fact that Jenna Fischer just revealed the contents of the infamous-teapot-note!

The note made its initial appearance in the Season 2 episode "Christmas Party" when Jim gifts Pam a teapot, which contained a bunch of stuff that she loved. He had also written her a note to go along with it, but chickened out at the last second and stuffed it in his pocket.

But he eventually gave it to her in the final season, telling her that 'everything you'll ever need to know is in that note.' Fans never saw what it said.

HOWEVER! In a recent episode of the Office Ladies podcast, Jenna told listeners that John Krasinski had actually written a personal note about how much their time filming together meant to him.

"We were wrapping up filming, we were wrapping up the series, and we were all so emotional at that time," she said, adding that the first time she read the message on camera, she just started 'bawling.'

J concluded by stating that while she'll probably never reveal exactly what it said, that we should all know 'it was perfect.'