Nashville Guy Calls Cops On Girlfriend For Being Too Rough During Sex.

photo: Metro Police

We're a little late to this story, but Metro cops were called by a guy in Nashville because he said his 24 yr old girlfriend was too rough during sex. Taylor Haynes complained about her biting and scratching while they were intimate. She was arrested and released on $500 bail last month. Haynes showed cops bite marks on his arm and back. The scratches he allowed them to see were on his back.

According to Scoop Nashville:
24-year-old Kristan Parris is free on a $500 bond, after her boyfriend, Taylor Hayes, called Metro Police when she got rough with him during sex. He presented to police with two bite marks and several scratches to his back.
Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to the Pine Street Flats at 1:24 a.m. on January 1st, for a domestic assault call. The victim, identified as Taylor Hayes, told police that his girlfriend, Kristan Parris, began to bite and scratch him during sex and that it was beyond the scope of their normal intimacy.

Taylor stated she threw punches at him before. Gotta say this is a tough call. Were these bites and scratches part of having fun and he doesn't know this? Or did she go too far and turn it into something beyond vigorous romance?