Petition To Let Families Sit Together On Airplanes

If you're flying with kids, you have just a couple choices if you want to sit with your own kids. You can fly Southwest and hope you can find seats together. Or you can pay through a$$ to the other airlines to reserve seats together. Airlines like Spirit and Allegiant charge for everything including seat assignments. But now Delta, American, and Untied also want you to pay extra to make sure your kids are near you.

Well, now there's a petition to let families fly together on a plane at no extra charge.

Anna Laitin, director of financial policy for Consumer Reports' advocacy arm says it's something the modern flying family has to deal with. They've now started an online petition to get some of the major airlines to let families with children 13 and younger to sit together without being charged extra.

The petition tells the airlines:

"I expect you to put safety over profits, and seat children with their families without charging them extra for it.''

U.S. Department of Transportation complaints are filled with incidents where airlines tried to separate parents with children even younger than 2 years old. They try to get passengers to upgrade their tickets and many people are calling that a tax on families.

Seems like a no brainer to let kids qho aren't even out of diapers sit next to their parents instead of next the Jared Fogle lookalike in aisle 7.

If you want to help push this policy change, sign the online petition