Nashville Tornado Hurls Car Into 3rd Floor of Apartment Building

Yes. The tornado that ripped through Nashville was as powerful and devastating as you think. In fact it was worse. It took lives. Destroyed multiple homes, businesses, entire schools, and more. But one of the pictures that still has our minds boggled is this one.

This apartment complex in Hermitage knows the devastation first hand. The tornado threw a car into the side of the building at the THIRD FLOOR LEVEL.

The tornado hit after 1am. Can you imagine finding a car in your living room, and you live on the third floor?!

NOTE: We are looking further into the picture originally posted by a local television news station. The original tweet was deleted by the user. Some are saying it's an optical illusion. It may be. We're checking into it, but access to sites hit by the tornado is limited (and rightfully so) by first responders. If the picture is a trick of the eye due to camera angles, we'll publish it a new blog and change this one. But here's what we can share from a good and trusted man.

In the meantime.... what's below is most important and worth your concern more than anything.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee has set up a mechanism to help those affected. The organization says:

In the wake of destructive tornados, power outages, road closures and rescues throughout Davidson and surrounding counties,The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee has activated the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund to support the affected communities and nonprofits helping victims address their ongoing needs.
Grants from the Fund will be made to nonprofits providing vital services both immediate and long term. Our work helps free nonprofits up to concentrate on delivering vital services while we “connect generosity with need” and our community sets out to rebuild lives.

Click HERE to donate!

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