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Best Ways To Get A Bartender's Attention.

 riotous drinking party in public bar

Does the same thing happen to you at a bar? Whenever there's a crowd of people at the bar and everyone wants a drink, I can never get a bartender to look at me. So I'm the last person to get served. Yet, I have friends (some taller, which I think helps) who can get a bartender's eye and get served right away.

How come?

Drinks on me

The people at UPROXX set out to find the best way to get a bartender's attention. They interviewed mixologists and bartenders from across the country. Many of their answers made sense, but I didn't think were helpful. They offered advice to people who've already got the server's attention. Things like, "ask them about what they like to do outside of work", "be respectful", and blah, blah, blah.

That's all good and fine. But how do you get them to acknowledge your existence and get a dang drink?!

Confident bartender standing in restaurant

I boiled down the quick takeaways from bartenders.

The very best way to get their attention is the tried, and true way of holding your hand in the air and keeping it there. Hopefully they notice you before all the blood drains down and you go numb.

One bartender said a smile really helps. I can see the logic in that. Who wants to deal with glum face?

Another guy behind the bar in NYC said to hold cash in the air, "but don't wave it". So we're back to what I'll call the statue of liberty move.

Low Angle View Of Statue Against Clear Sky

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