Happy Story: Police Stop Leads To 1 Yr Old's Birthday Cake and Party.

Usually a police body cam catches bad things on video. But our Woody and Jim Show feature "What's Making Us Happy" segment today found one body cam that caught a beautiful thing.

The Gwinnett Police Department (near Atlanta) shared this story of an officer turning a routine event into an act of kindness. He didn't share it with anyone, because he wasn't looking for attention. But it was found on his body cam, so his fellow officers had to let the world know.

He saw a woman walking along the road and decided to offer her a ride home. She accepted. While talking, he discovered she was heading home for her child's first birthday. But she didn't have a cake. So he gave his credit card to another officer so they could buy a cake. Then they brought it to her house and sang along to "Happy Birthday".