Nashville Distillery Making Free Hand Sanitizer

Corsair Distillery in Nashville is making and giving out free hand sanitizer at a time when germ gel is scarce. In trying to "flatten the curve" of the spread of Covid-19, Corsair president and cofounder Derek Bell “This is 140 proof. It’s quite strong enough to kill all the germs you’d want.”.

I've taken the Corsair tour in the south Nashville location and seen how they distill their whiskey, rhye, and gin. It's fun (especially the tastings), and they have a natural amount of alcohol that is a by product of their process. They don't use it, so they decided to give it away.

The bottles of sanitizing alcohol are free to places that need medical grade sanitizing like local restaurants, food service establishments, bottle shops and community organizations. Bell says he just wanted to help. and that the alcohol standards meet medical guidelines for sanitation.

We support this GINTERVENTION. For some businesses that are barely hanging on, this could help make the difference between shutting their doors and keeping things going for their customers and employees. And the health benefits of a sanitized surface are priceless.

“It’s sad that people can’t go into a grocery store and buy sanitizer. I think that’s caused a bit of a panic,” said Bell. “I am still spending money as a business but at the same time, we love Nashville, we love our community and we’re part of the community as well. It’s just what you’ve got to do."