Kate McKinnon To Play "Tiger King's" Carol Baskin in Miniseries.

A new miniseries is in the works about all our favorite characters and villains from Netflix's 'Tiger King'. And hey all you cats and kittens, the casting is a stroke of genius. The fabulous Kate McKinnon will play Carol Baskin, the owner of Big Cat Rescue and arch nemesis of Joe Exotic.

This isn't something that just happened. A tv miniseries has been in the works and we're finding out McKinnon is the executive producer and agreed to play the role before the Netflix doc ever hit our public consciousness like a tiger claw to the face.

Universal Content Productions, which also created the true-crime mini-series Dirty John, is putting the series together. It doesn't have a name or other actors attached to it. But people have joked that the guys from Blink 182 should try out for the role.

Dax Shepard and Edward Norton got into a playful Twitter feud about playing Joe, the owner of a huge Oklahoma cig cat zoo, who's currently in jail begging for pardons from Donald Trump.

And then Justin Long said comedian Jim Gaffigan could play Doc Antle.

photo: Getty Images/Netflix/on-air w Ryan Seacrest