Anti-Covid 19 Breakthrough Made At Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

Research at Nashville's Monroe Carrol Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt just contributed some key knowledge that could lead to an anti-viral drug to fight Covid-19.

According to the VUMC Reporter:

The drug, named EIDD-1931, was developed at the Emory Institute for Drug Development in Atlanta. In November, Mark Denison, MD, and colleagues at VUMC reported that EIDD-1931 blocked replication of a broad spectrum of coronaviruses in laboratory tests and prevented these viruses from developing resistance against it.

The drug study team includes (back row from left) Jim Chappell, MD, PhD, Andrea Pruijssers, PhD, Mark Denison, MD, (front row from left) postdoctoral fellow Maria Agostini, PhD, graduate student Jennifer Gribble Bowser, and senior research specialists Laura Stevens, MS, Tia Hughes, MS, and Xioatao Lu, MS. Current lab members also include research fellow Jordan Anderson-Daniels, PhD, and research assistant Amelia George, MS. (photo was taken last year)

Andrea Pruijssers, PhD, research assistant professor of Pediatrics and the lead antiviral scientist in Denison’s lab, provided the first evidence of the drug’s potent activity against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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