Nashville 'Backup Vocalists' Make Viral Hymn Used By Everyone

A Nashville producer decided to put Music City's wealth of talent to great use. David Wise decided to make a 31 person cellphone choir from the background singers here in town.

He told FOX 17, "I asked my engineer, 'is this crazy?' If i get a bunch of our singers and have them sing on a cellphone can you make this work?". Wise is co-owner of Studio 102six.

Each singer (who you've probably heard in the background of every hit song that came out of Nashville's music scene) were only given 5 seconds to sing into their cell phone.

"We asked these professional studio singers who do this every day and told them you just get five seconds, just be you," Wise said. "I think you see two things, the professionalism and you see the heart of these people!"

What came out is purely magical. The hymn "It Is Well With My Soul" is now being used in hospitals and churches as people deal with the crisis in our nation right now. As of this posting, it has over 1 million views.