Kristen Chenowith Channels 'Tiger King's' Carol Baskin in Music Video

Being alone at home has helped Broadway/TV superstar Kristen Chenowith lose her mind about the Netflix documentary 'Tiger King'. Her music video called "Little Pieces" has her prancing about the house with Carol Baskin's tiara while chopping meat. Into little pieces.

The whacky song is about 'Tiger King' star Carol Baskin and people's suspicions about her possibly feeding her former husband to tigers. She had a seemingly bad relationship with wealthy Don Lewis, who mysteriously vanished without a trace in August 1997.

Carol Baskin runs a 'tiger rescue' in Florida for years where she charges visitors to come see the tigers. She has been fighting other tiger zoos run by people like 'Joe Exotic', who have tigers and charge visitors money to see them. The only real difference is she doesn't breed them.

This video by Chenowith is "different". Just like the documentary itself.

photo: On-Air with Ryan Seacrest/David Basner