#FreeTN Protestors Gather "Not-Distanced" in Nashville.

An estimated 100 to 200 protesters showed up at the Tennessee capital in Nashville today to protest the governor's "stay at home orders" and closing of nonessential businesses. People involved called at the "Nashville freedom rally".

The protesters were definitely not social distancing while chanting and holding up their signs. Many of them brought children with them to the rally. Some did wear cloth face masks.

photos: FOX17

photos: FOX17

The protesters say that Governor Bill Lee's orders during the coronavirus pandemic undermine their constitutional rights. The rally was the creation of the #FreeTN group on Facebook. Much of their announcements were heard amid loud honking from cars passing by.

#FreeTN was the number one trending topic on social media, where the protests were widely seen as irresponsible and ignorant of the dangers of Covid-19. At quick glance, tweets were roasting the rally goers by about a 9-1 margin.