Live Crabs Loose On Luggage Carousel. Lots of 'em.

Crabs loose in airport

Crabs loose in airport

I like eating crab. I don't like seeing crabs. They're kinda like spiders with claws and they can move really fast. I definitely wouldn't want to see hundreds of them coming at me while I wait for my luggage at the airport. That's what happened at this airport (some reports say it was in the Bahamas).

These crabs look like they've been in prison and a guard left the door open. The are climbing and scurrying their way to freedom at alarming speeds.

One of the tweets from a person who witnessed this said "I was waiting for my suitcase at Lynden Pindling International Airport in the Bahamas when one of the iceboxes opened when falling down with the suitcases. People blocked and caught the crabs."

The question is "who was flying with live crabs"?