Cool Trick To Know When A Store Isn't Too Crowded.

For social distancing, we don't want to go to the store for essential stuff like eggs and Oreos when there's a ton of people around. Ewww.

But here's a really cool way of knowing if the store is busy, before you even slide off the couch. Use your smartphone.

All you need is the Google Maps app (or go to site on your desktop). First search for the place you want to go. For example, "grocery stores near me".

Then click on the place you want to go. The start scrolling through info about that particular place. Stop when you see the "busy times" graph. This tells you when the store is usually busy. But they now have a "LIVE" piece of info. In the graph, they'll show you how busy it is in real time with a pink section of the graph.

Now you can make an informed decision about leaving the house for essential items like medicine of Sour Patch kids.

You're welcome.