Jenna Fischer Shuts Down 'Terrible Rumor' Pedaled by Fans of Jim & Pam

Jim & Pam are one of the cutest TV couples of all time, and you can quote me on that.

Years after the series finale, fans are still hungry for the wholesome content their relationship provided -- and we've received it via tales from the set shared by Jenna Fischer on her Office Ladies podcast.

However, there's one rumor that Jenna doesn't appreciate.

In a recent comment on Instagram, a fan asked her if she really still wears the ring that Jim gave Pam on the show; to which Jenna replied, "what a terrible rumor! Of course not! I wear the ring my actual husband of 10 years gave me!"

She's also addressed it on Twitter.

I suppose its easy for the lines to get blurry when it comes to our favorite showmances, but let's all make a formal agreement to put this narrative to bed. Justice for Jenna's hubby, amiright? LOL!