This Is Crazy: 6 Kids, 1 Dog and a Mom With Covid-19

A Bronx mother of six, diagnosed with Coronavirus, details life in quarantine with a family of eight and a dog. Tanya Fields gave intimate details to the New York Times’ “Quarantine Diaries.”

The family lives in a small three-bedroom apartment with children ranging in age from 4 to 17-years-old. After eighteen days, and counting in isolation, Fields admits, "everyone is getting a little stir-crazy." When Fields was diagnosed with COVID-19, she was unable to care for her children and couldn’t do anything but sleep in bed. “It looked like the ghost of John Belushi and the whole cast of ‘Animal House’ had run through here,” says Fields. 

Tanya is getting better but says she’s taking things one day at a time and is content with providing her kids with stability, safety and feelings of comfort as much as she can. 

So they next time we complain, think about Tanya. It could be tougher.