Tennessee Bros Who Hoarded 17K Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer Will Pay The Piper

The two Chattanooga men were hoarding 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer in hopes of selling it at a huge profit, are settling with the state of Tennessee for what they've done. Matthew and Noah Colvin admitted that they went on a 1300 mile road trip through Tennessee and Kentucky at the beginning of the concerns over the coronavirus, stockpiling bottles of hand sanitizer and other medical supplies that they knew would become scarce very soon.

Their plan to sell the items at exorbitant prices came to a screeching halt when the state of Tennessee stepped in to stop the gouging from happening. After admitting what they did to the New York Times, the state of Tennessee's Attorney General launched an investigation into the intended gouging. But the two brothers from Chattanooga agreed to a settlement with the state That requires them to distribute the items to not for profit organizations in the volunteer State and Kentucky.

AG Slatery said in a press release, "Disrupting necessary supplies during an unprecedented pandemic is a serious offense. It became clear during our investigation that the Colvins realized this, and their prompt cooperation and donation led to an outcome that actually benefited some consumers."