Walmart Is Making Mandatory One Way Streets In Every Aisle

Starting May 1st, Walmart is turning their aisles into one way streets. Following the lead of some other stores (i.e. Publix), the aisles will be clearing marked for customers to go only in one direction. It's all in an effort to create better environments for social distancing in the age of Covid-19.

In a recent trip to Publix, I noticed the aisles were marked on the floor with arrows indicating which way shoppers could go. If you tried to enter that aisle from the other direction, you got a "One Way, Do Not Enter" sign.

“One-way aisles are designed to increase social distancing and give customers more space on each aisle.” said Walmart in a statement. The aisles will have blue arrows for which way to go.

And Nashville traffic just got more confusing again. 😂