Gorilla-Costumed Man Captured & Caged By Mt. Juliet Police

He wore a gorilla costume. Historians will debate why. But here's the facts. 31-year-old Richard Muzick is accused of burglary of a house in the Willoughby Farms subdivision of Mt. Juliet. He was apprehended by Mt. Juliet's finest while presumably LARPing as a gorilla.

Police say he entered the back door of a home on Dunedin Avenue. Someone in the house spotted the gorilla (Muzick) and he fled in the gorilla outfit. The only explanation given to the cops was that he thought he was at someone else's house and he was looking for someone else.

He's in a cage right now in the Wilson County Jail facing aggravated burglary charges.

photos: Mt. Juliet PD