Georgia Says Teens Can Get Driver's License Without A Test

Florida Governor Brian Kemp signed an executive order that says a teen can get their license without testing, as long as a parent says it's OK.

They're REALLY opening things up in Georgia after the shut down pandemic. This may be the best example yet. The shutdown created a backlog of 30,000 student drivers waiting to take their driver's test. So, how do you solve that? Well, Governor Kemp said that kids who have been learning to drive with their parents can xend in their permits by mail and get a driver's license.

The standard way of getting your license, taking a driving test with a state inspector sitting next to you holding a clipboard, is no longer a thing. Cuz, you know, social distancing. Until the end of May, mom's Ok that you done all the necessary stuff is good enough for a license.

If you're driving through Georgia, make sure your insurance is up to date.