Woman Calls 911 & Says Her Crotch Is On Fire, Needs Fireman to Put It Out

Somebody needs to go get their mom. LOL!

There's a 50 year old lady from Ohio who was arrested this week after she called the fire department claiming that her genitals were on fire, and that she needed a fireman to come put it out with their hose. She promptly hung up, and then when police called her back to see if she actually needed help, she re-iterated that her "p***y" was on fire.

Katrina Morgan reportedly appeared "highly intoxicated" when the authorities showed up to check things out. Her crotch was not actually on fire, and I'm pretty sure we all know that she's probably just drunk and trying to cope with quarantine.

Kat was booked into the Ottawa County jail on multiple counts, including disrupting public service, a felony, and making false alarms and resisting arrest [both misdemeanors].