Happy Story: Burgled Pizza Store Owner Gives Away Free Pizza

Owner Chamal Kahanawita came in one day to find that his pizza restaurant had been burglarized overnight. Looking at the security tape (see video below), he noticed they were amateurs. They fumbled around looking for stuff to take, but pretty much came up with nothing. They even tried to open a safe with a spatula.

But instead of being angry, Chamal realized these would-be burglars were probably just on hard times. So he posted this message on FaceBook.

“In the coming months, if you find yourself in a situation unable to put food on the table, please stop by our store. There is no need to be shy or embarrassed. Just speak with the manager and quietly let us know you’ve seen this post. We will make sure your family gets a meal.”

Of course, people in his community (and around the world) were loving his response. He responded with compassion instead of anger.

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