Microsoft To End The "Reply-All" Nightmare of Your Inbox

Is there anything worse than someone who hits "Reply All" to a company wide email? No, there is not.

Well Microsoft has done something it usually doesn't do: try to make things BETTER. They might have a way to end the "Reply Allpocolypse" (when you get an avalanche of emails from everyone in the company, all because some people don't know it's idiotic for them to share their lame comment about the first email with everyone in the company).

Example 1: "Way to go!" - Janet in HR

Example 2: "Why am I getting all these responses?" - guy who doesn't realize he's doing the same thing and making it worse.

If you use Microsoft 365 or Exchange for your work email, Microsoft is working on seeing these reply all situations, and stopping them before they get out of control.

Microsoft calls it Reply All Storm Protection. Solid name.

Initially it will roll out big companies and stop things when it sees 10 reply-all emails to over 5,000 recipients within 60 minutes. The clampdown will stay in place for four hours. The company believes this will halt the spread of "why I am getting these emails?".