Work-From-Home Advice From Polite Canada That'll Blow You Away

An astonishing 58% of Americans are working from home now in the time of Covid. It has it's benefits. No commute. More family time. Not dressing for work like you did.

But, let's face it. It ain't all sunshine and lollipops. We worry if our job will still exist. We can't have a separate work/home divide. And many of us have to work while dealing with pets AND trying to school our kids.

So leave it to the oh-so-polite Canadians to lead the way in empathy and understanding when it comes to working from home. A man who works for the Canadian Federal Government, Mark Richardson, shared the official advice his work gave him for handling things at home. And it is a lesson in empathy and emotional intelligence. Everyone working from home should take this to heart.

This is so important. And to hear it from your employer, is so reassuring.

So, slow down and absorb these ideas one at a time, even if you didn't get this from your CEO.

So take these words to heart. You are important. You need to be mentally OK for yourself and the ones who love you.