Man Shares Photo of Shocking Body Transformation After Contracting COVID-19

An Instagram post from 43-year-old nurse Mike Schultz is going viral for showing the shocking transformation his body underwent after contracting COVID-19 at a party in Miami.

"I wanted to show everyone how badly being sedated for 6 weeks on a ventilator or intubated can be. Amongst other things, covid19 reduced my lung capacity with pneumonia. Over 8 weeks I’ve been away from family and friends Getting stronger everyday and working to increase my lung capacity. I’ll get back to where I was in healthier ways this time....maybe even do cardio," the caption reads.

Before his hospitalization with the virus, Mike reportedly worked out every day and weighed 190 pounds. Despite having no underlying health conditions, he had to be sedated and intubated. After six weeks, he's just now getting his lung function back.

"I knew what I thought going in [about the coronavirus]. I didn’t think it was as serious as it was until after things started happening," he said. "I thought I was young enough for it not to affect me, and I know a lot of people think that," he told Buzzfeed.
"I wanted to show it can happen to anyone. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, have preexisting conditions or not. It can affect you."