Truck Crash Spills Mac 'n Cheese And Shuts Down Nashville Interstate

An overeturned 18 wheeler created the most delicious traffic disaster that shut down the interstate at I-24/I-40 split near the Silliman Evans Bridge this morning. The golden tellow contents of the truck was in fact America's favorite comfort food. Is there a 5 second rule on the interstate?

And this was more than the family size pack of Mac n Cheese. 🧀 When the tractor trailer spilled it's load, 40,000 pounds of the tasty side dish spilled out onto the road. No injuries were reported. But you coulkd probably hear stomachs grumbling over the sounds of traffic.

There may be something culinary and cosmic going on in middle Tennessee because yesterday, a truck carrying Pumpkin Pies caught fire on I-65. Luckily, no was hurt in that incident either.

Is God going to flip over a truck full of roasted turkeys tomorrow so we can have Thanksgiving in May?