Peyton Manning's New Bourbon Is Only Available To People of Tennessee

Peyton Manning may have worn other colors in his pro career, but he still bleeds UT orange. His name-branded Tennessee bourbon is being offered only to the people of the volunteer state. The blend is not for sale outside Tennessee. It's called "Sweeten's Cove", named after a golf course Manning, tennis star Andy Roddick, and Jim Nantz own called Sweetens Cove Golf Club outside Chattanooga.

The bourbon will be available for pre-sale starting May 26th only to Tennessee residents via pre-sale. There are ONLY 14,000 bottles. Next month, they'll be available in nearby states.

I'm a bourbon fan, and most of my knowledge comes from my more schooled-in-bourbon buddies. But this blend is a tad expensive, even for my aficionado pals.

The cost is $200 a bottle.

Esquire magazine described it as "quite good, with a rich, peanut-y aroma and a mature flavor profile, not unexpectedly heavy on the oak." At almost 103 proof, it packs a punch.

While he still claims to be a "Budweiser" guy. He'll be enjoying the money he's sure to make from fans and boosters who want anything Peyton.