15 Men Compete To Impregnate 41 Yr Old Woman On New Reality Show

A new reality show debuted Friday night on Fox where 15 men vie to impregnate a 41-year-old woman who feels her clock is ticking. The show is called Labor of Love and is hosted by Sex and the City's Kristin Davis. 41-year-old Kristy Katzmann Wants to skip the dating and go right to the babymaking with whoever wins the contest.

Some have said this is a mating show and not a dating show. The prize for Kristy is a literal, flesh and blood baby. Love is optional but not required. What's in it for the guys? Other than the chance to get with a beautiful woman, some men are actually interested in her for a long-term relationship. Others are just happy to be on TV, live in a free house and have unlimited drinks. They each go leave the house with her and try to make the right impression for impregnation.

Now a little bit about Christie. Christie is 41 years old and is recently divorced. She's doing quite well professionally. But she wants one thing; a baby. But she doesn't necessarily want a man in her life. Even the men's parents get involved to try and convince Christie to have their sons baby!

Variety‘s Daniel D’Addario wrote “appearances by the competitors’ own parents explaining how good these men would be at fatherhood are more notable for the simple curiosity factor than for any sort of real imparting of information.”

Kristy told FOX, “One of my biggest fears going in was wondering if there are actually men out there who are ready for this. And I think we really tested them off the bat by putting them through the whole sperm analysis pretty much moments after I met them.”

Good luck Kristy. Raising a baby is a lot harder than making one.