Fans Find Evidence That Taylor Swift Created A Fake Band to Cover Her Song

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift shared a cover of Look What You Made Me Do that was featured on an episode of Killing Eve.

A band named Jack Leopards and the Dolphin Club created a haunting new version of the iconic track -- but Swifties found evidence that Jack Leopards is a fake band created by the snake queen herself.

You see, they're only credited for this one song. Additionally, the artwork for the single features a picture of T's brother, Austin, WHO IS LISTED AS A MEMBER OF THE BAND WITH NILS SJOBERG, WHICH WAS THE PSEUDONYM SHE USED WHEN SHE WROTE THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR FOR CALVIN HARRIS & RIHANNA.

Why would Taylor do something like this, you ask? Well, as Scooter Braun owns her original masters through the reputation era, this cover keeps him from collecting royalties. [To cover a song, you only need permission from the songwriter, not the label.]