People Are Convinced That An Alien Spaceship Has Crashed in Brazil

Global pandemic, murder hornets, the discovery of a parallel universe where time runs backwards (!!!) -- 2020 has been absolutely ~*BoNkErs*~.

What the heck is next? We've basically seen it all at this point, right?

Well.... A ton of people on Twitter right now are claiming that a UFO crashed in Brazil last week, and that the government is trying to cover it up by taking down civilian videos of the event. One dude is even saying that the military has been chasing ETs through the jungle.

A hoax? Maybe. [Probably. We're all bored, we've been stuck in our houses for most of the year, etc.]

But at the same time, the Pentagon did declassify videos of UFOs not too long ago...

Feel free to scroll and draw your own conclusions!