The NBA is in Talks to Continue Its Season At Walt Disney World

The NBA may finish its season at Walt Disney World!

"We would be thrilled to see the NBA finish up their season at Walt Disney World. Our wide World Sports Facility is not only enormous, but it's state of the art. And we're in daily conversations with the NBA to see if this is something that they want to happen," Disney CEO Bob Chapek told ABC News.

"We would like to get sports back," Chapek added. "People want Disney theme parks, but they also want live sports. And if we can play a part in making both of those happen for all of our fans, we'd love to do that."

Also no word on how fans will fit into all of this, if it does happen.

"We'll leave that up to the NBA if this comes to pass in terms of how they manage the fan piece of this," said Chapek. "But as you know, we stand here ready, willing and able to facilitate whatever we can do in a responsible way."