Harry Potter Fans Surprised By Secret Sex Scene In Prisoner of Azkaban

Fans of Harry Potter were shocked to learn there's a secret sex scene in Harry Potter Fans Surprised By Secret Sex Scene In Prisoner of Azkaban. What?

Was it Harry and Ginny? Hermione and Ron? Dobby and his sock? Nope.

The key to finding the sex scene is to look at the marauders map. It tells all.

While the end credits roll in Prisoner of Azkaban, you can see the marauders map in the backdrop. And it's working. It shows where all the people are inside Hogwarts. The end credits were about 11 minutes long. That made it the longest end credits in history at the time. Rus Wetherell took 20 days just to work on the credits. And he worked all day and night.

At one of his very tired moments (4am) he noticed there was a space in the castle where nothing was happening. He told Huffington Post: “There was an alcove in the artwork, it was kind of like an opportunity to have a couple of students hiding in there.

“So I just threw a couple of feet down. It was just something there that was amusing for the adults in the audience and kids wouldn't really understand.“

Let's take a look at the one set of footprints that show one person with their back to the wall and legs apart. There's another set of footprints facing inward with their feet moving.