Carrie Underwood Shows Proof of Ghosts in Nashville Area Cabin

Story: Blake Taylor

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Carrie Underwood has been doing some ghost hunting at her cabin based on two new videos just shared. The country star turned to her recently created TikTok page to reveal two videos of ghosts she discovered using the ripple effect.

"Okay, we're looking for ghosts with this ripple effect at the cabin," she says in the first of two clips. "Oh my gosh!" she exclaims several times as the effect detects the ghosts. "Who are you? What do you want?"

In the second video, Underwood continues scanning the room for ghosts. "Super freaked out right now," she says at the start of the clip. As she moves the camera around, she starts to think the ghost went away, however right after saying, "It went away," the outline reappeared.

"Oh, still there. Still there!" she shouts. "It hangs out right here man, right here. What! Oh my gosh!"

Watch Underwood's ghost hunting adventure in the clips below.

Underwood is still new to TikTok as her first video was shared just a week ago. For her debut video, the country star shared a recent interaction she and her her husband, Mike Fisher, had with an unwanted intruder in their home.

"There's a bird in our house," Underwood tells viewers in the clip before flipping the camera around to show her husband in front of her with two large nets.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," the former Nashville Predators captain says.

As Underwood filmed, Fisher attempted to capture the bird which was sitting up high in a tall windowsill of the home. Making it a bit more challenging, there was also a dangling light fixture he had to carefully weave the net through to get to the bird.

"Got him!" Carrie exclaimed from behind the camera.

The video concluded with the couple setting the bird free outside. "Bye, guy!" the country star said as Fisher opened his hands to let the bird fly. Watch Underwood's crazy bird experience here.

Story: Blake Taylor

Getty Images