Happy Story: The Dad Who's Showing Kids Without A Dad, How To Do Stuff

Here's our Woody and Jim Show "What's Making Us Happy" story from this morning.

Rob Kenney grew up without a dad and knows how hard it can be without a dad who teaches you stuff. The Washington state man has become America's dad since he started his YouTube channel, called ‘Dad, How Do I?’. In the videos, he teaches kids the valuable lessons that father's traditionally teach. Like to to jump start a car, unclog a sink, install a shelf. You get the idea.

Not only are those skills needed. America wants a good guy like Rob passing them along in a positive, and kind way.

In a short time, he has over 2 million subscribers. He's also been featured on Good Morning America and People.com. Some have said he should start making money with his channel, but he said in one of his videos, “I didn’t start this to make money. I started simply enough and thought I was going to help a few people . . . 30 or 40 subscribers . . . it’s turned into way more than that. And please don’t think I am only aiming this at young men. It’s for young women, anybody who feels that they need to learn something or be empowered to learn something.”