Less Hot Guys Will Be Born, Says Science.

What is happening? If you think there's a drought of REALLY good looking men, you may not be wrong.

Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics did a study that led him to the conclusion that there will be less and less attractive men as time goes on.

In his 53 year study, he had teachers rate the attractiveness of 7 yr olds. YES, that is heavy on the creepy scale. But he tracked down those same kids as adults, and found.....

Beautiful couples tend to have daughters instead of sons. So as women populate the earth the likelihood that the pretty ones will pass on their "attractiveness" genes to sons decreases. Bottom line, less hot guys.

His findings are controversial. And a little subjective (don't ya think?). But the overwhelming data says simply

People who were attractive had daughters. People rated as unattractive had sons.

He gets into some questionable theories that it's evolutionary. The genes that control beauty are more useful to women, so attractive people give birth to daughters. Because it's more useful to them. He says less attractive people have children who have aggression and strength, which is more useful to boys.

Hmmmmm? There's some leaps in logic there!

But there are some other studies that back up his claim that daughters are born to pretty people. A different research program involving 2,000 Americans suggested that women are evolving to become more attractive, as pretty women have more children than average-looking ones, and a higher proportion of those children are female.

But to toss some cold water onto Dr. Kanazawa, here's some holes in his theories.

  1. Beauty is subjective and changes from cultures, geography, and over time.
  2. Kids who are cute at age 7 don't always grow into pretty adults.
  3. A woman's worth is not determined by her "attractiveness", as a man's worth isn't determined by his strength or aggresiveness.